Shipping of Powders, Primers & Ammunition

Firstly, we are an Australian Company based in Australia. 

Secondly, there is a severe shortage of Powders, Primers & Ammunition in the United States.

We are fielding thousands upon thousands of enquiries a day from panicked shooters across America.

The most common question:

“Can you ship primers to the US?”

The answer is simply: No

To expand on that a little further, we can’t even ship Powders, Primers or Ammunition to the next suburb over, the next state Capital City or the other side of our own country. These products are available for order online for pick-up in our Brisbane Metro based retail store OR for in-store purchases only.

The cost to ship dangerous goods in this country to anywhere is insanely prohibitive.

To our Australian customers reading this, the writing is on the wall.

There is a drought coming.

We are seeing shortages across the board, along with price increases from all the major manufacturers.

As a result, we have had to implement in-store purchase limits as follows


1,000 Per Person Per Day Maximum - New Customers

5,000 Per Person Per Day Maximum - Existing Customers


500 Rounds Per Person Per Day Maximum - New Customers


1 x Bulk Packs

1,000 Rounds Per Person Per Day Maximum - Existing Customers


2 x Bulk Packs


Max 4kg

We want all of our customers to be able to be able source products for as long as we can supply them.

Reality is that supply in most instances has already dried up and we’re in for a rocky couple of years.

My advice - stock up now. While you can.

Matt Joseph
Staff Writer