Pilla Outlaw “Copa Mundial Frame”

The Next Generation
“Outlaw Copa Mundial” Frame

The First Fully Adjustable Pilla Outlaw with Sight Tuning Technology

The Outlaw X6 & X7 Copa Mundial fits all current Outlaw X6 & X7 Lenses

The Outlaw Copa Mundial is for the shooter looking for a fully customized fit while delivering perfect optical registration. This frame design provides an opportunity to adjust the front mask to tilt the lens toward or away from your cheek which not only provides enhanced fit on the bridge of your nose, it also allows for correct visual registration of the sight picture for perfect optics. Further,  this next generation Outlaw design provides for full temple adjustment with an extendable temple tip to adjust the fork length to wrap your ear.

Pilla Outlaw Copa Mundial Frame

The New Outlaw Copa Mundial is available in 3 Carbon Frames

  • Carbon Black
  • Carbon Cherry
  • Carbon Chrome