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Boom Pro Liquett Launcher


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Taking the sling shot to a new level the Pro Liquett Launcher uses the Powerful (adjustable) Pistol Grip yolk of a slingshot and ties it together with an innovative Silicone Pouch designed to launch our Liquetts.

The Liquetts fit neatly into the cups of the pouch and when folded over they encapsulate the Liquett protecting it while it is being launched.

The grip domes on the outside of the pouch enable you to gain maximum purchase on the pouch while not squishing the Liquett.

The Pro Liquett Launcher comes with a 250ml plastic bottle and three sachets (@200) of Liquetts.

Includes a BONUS pack of Replacement Metal ‘Ammo’. Whether it is target practice, playing skirmish with your mates or scaring away uninvited guests the ProLiquett Slingshot Launcher will provide you with hours of fun while being environmentally friendly.

ALWAYS wear eye protection when using the Pro Liquett Launcher.


Replacement bands and Liquett Sachets sold separately.


QLD Only 18+

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