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The “CHOKE – in – CHOKE” Inner Profile of BRAIN Choke Tubes is the biggest breakthrough in the history of chokes, absolutely revolutionary and it is composed by three main sections:

  • the Pre-Choking Section (“prepares” the shot column for entrering the Expansion Section)
  • the Expansion Section (expands the volume of the shot column pulling pellets from core to periphery)
  • the Final Choking Section (forms the desired pattern diameter)
brainchokes diagramma

All chokes until now have exactly the same inner profile design, the conventional conical – parallel or just conical. Regardless of the “..our own special design” or “..super geometry” etc advertised by the various choke tube manufacturers, purely for marketing reasons but without saying how or where they differ from each other.

It’s a common knowledge that virtually all conventional chokes obey to the “Dense Core Rule”: almost 2/3 of the pellets go in an “over killing” central circle of the 1/3 of the pattern surface and the rest 1/3 of them try to cover the peripheral 2/3 of the pattern surface, forming a “weak” or “just injuring” fringe with many empty spaces.

Consequently, with all conventional chokes until now, if you want to secure success, you have to be very accurate and manage to place your pattern’s core on your target, the fringe may not always “supply” adequate number of pellets to get the job done.

But this happened until today. Now, there are the BRAIN Choke Tubes with the answer to the “Dense Core” problem which all ballistic specialists were trying to solve since the invention of choke, the “CHOKE in CHOKE” inner profile design.

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