Nitecore MH40 Thor Rechargeable Flashlight


Nitecore MH rechargeable flashlights are a new line of highly versatile and practical illumination tools designed for a multitude of users and environments. Featuring a high-precision long-range reflector, four brightness settings plus Strobe and SOS modes, the Nitecore MH series flashlight is the ultimate lighting tool for hunting, trekking, camping, law enforcement and search and rescue.

The MH40 is dual-fuel capable flashlight, powered either by two included lithium-ion rechargeable batteries or four disposable lithium CR123 cells. A charging cable is included for use with most universal adapters, making it easy to recharge the MH40 from virtually any location. The process is as simple as installing a compatible cell, connecting the charging cable to the flashlight and the A/C power adapter to the wall outlet.

With its versatile feature set, high intense beam and rechargeable functionality, the Nitecore is one of the best handheld illumination devices available on the market.

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Max Output: 1000 lumens
Max Beam Distance: 505 m
Max Beam Intensity: 64000 cd
Max Run time: 105 h 0 m / 4.38 d

Reflector: SMO
Battery: 2 × 18650, 4 × CR123
Special Modes: SOS, Strobe

Beam color: White light
Length: 243 mm / 9.57 in
Head Size: 60 mm / 2.36 in
Weight: 311 g / 10.97 oz

Feature: Hybrid, Rechargeable, Tail Stand
Activity: Law Enforcement, Outdoor/Camping