Outlaw X6 – Lenses


Additional lenses lock straight into your existing Outlaw X6 frame.

The Outlaw X6 is a 6 base frame for medium to large head size.

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Additional information

Lens Options:

10ED, 16CHRC, 18CED, 18RHC, 22N, 26ED, 28CR, 28ED, 32MXB, 35DC, 40CN, 44ED, 44N, 45MX, 48RHC, 50RHC, 52CHC, 54HC, 55PWC, 58ED, 60DC, 60HCP, 62HCW, 64CB, 66N, 67CWN, 69MWN, 70PWC, 76HC, 80HC, 88ED, 94HC, 95ED, 99AR, PC, PDF, PED, PG, PL, PLM, PM, PN, PP