Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 8×56


The Nighthunter series has been for a decade synonymous with the best hunting binoculars on offer for many hunters. And now this success story continues!

STEINER sets with the new Nighthunter Xtreme series new standards in light transmission, as extraordinary quality and innovation are our clear promises to our users around the world.

For the hunt has its own laws, does not forgive mistakes and places the highest demands on the binoculars equipment — exactly as we do.

In the further development of the Nighthunter series, Steiner set themselves the goal of finding out the secrets of the night hunter. Steiner have uncompromisingly united fundamental characteristics such as the highest possible light transmission, perfect carrying comfort, excellent robustness and long-term reliability in these hunting binoculars. For only the perfect synergy of all these factors gives the hunter the ultimate advantage at the decisive moment.

The result of this exacting development work is the Nighthunter Xtreme 8×56.

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