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Ballistol Pure Oil 500ml – Liquid


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This universal oil is well-tried and unequalled!

For maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals’ coat and much more. Ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

BALLISTOL protects from corrosion, lubricates, cleans and acts against residues of powder, lead, copper and tombac.

It creeps into finest fissures and dissolves old soiling and resins of unsuited oils. It neutralises combustion residues.

It also cleans, maintains and preserves the wooden stock and leather gunslings


BALLISTOL is widely used in the precision gauge and tool industry and in the production of scales and other precision instruments.

 BALLISTOL provides a protective alkaline film on the surface of metals, neutralises hand sweat and other acid corrosive residues so that the surface is protected of corrosion.

Due to its low surface tension, it is capable of creeping into the tiniest cracks and fissures of metal surfaces. It cleans and makes silver and brass shiny. Brilliant for the upkeep of tools and instruments in the field of precision mechanics.
This product is made from natural substances. It is safe for people and animals. Neither its use nor its natural decomposition will pollute the environment. The white oil used for the production is absolutely pure from the medical point of view.

BALLISTOL contains a harmless combination of anti-oxidants and medical oils so that it is not susceptible to aging and does not resinify for years.

BALLISTOL for a thousand and more uses!  BALLISTOL – the extraordinary oil for environmentally aware people!  Unsurpassed in it’s versatility!

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