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Black Bunker BM8 Black Air Rifle


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Black Bunker is committed to providing superior tactical survival gear for vigilant citizens in both urban and wilderness environments.
Their latest product is the BM8, a foldable break barrel survival air rifle designed to be used indefinitely.The BM8 stands out with its unique design and innovative features, making it an unprecedented concept.
Its compact design allows for easy storage and transportation, fitting in a backpack, car trunk, motorbike storage box, shelf, or mounted on a wall.
The triangular water-resistant case with foam provides ample space for a survival kit, knife, multi-tool, pellets, compact optics, and other tools.
The BM8 is powered by a gas ram system, offering several advantages over traditional spring systems, including consistent velocity, less recoil, increased accuracy, reduced noise, less maintenance (no lubrication of spring needed), no spring fatigue, easy cocking, and increased durability.
To ensure user safety and prevent potential damage to the gas ram system, the action of the air rifle can be disengaged by a rapid 2-stage process with a push button and a selector switch, rendering it non-functional.
The BM8 comes with a picatinny rail system for scope mounting and picatinny rails on the sides for attaching accessories such as flashlights, lasers, and bipods.

An optional configuration includes a multi-purpose knife that can be fitted as a bayonet at the end of the barrel. The first-generation knife fits in the custom case delivered with the air rifle and will be available as a standalone item.
The Black Bunker team is already working on the development of complementary products and next-generation models, which will be introduced continuously.
With the BM8, Black Bunker has set a new standard for survival air rifles, combining innovation, durability, and practicality in a single product.Coyote Tan VersionFull Black Version

Available in .177Cal & .22Cal

•The first foldable Survival Air Rifle.
•Ultra compact and easy to store & carry.
•Break barrel technology.
•GAS ram powerplant for increased accuracy, noise reduction, reduced recoil, and increased durability.
•Velocity (full power versions)
•Cal. .177/ 4.5mm: Up to 1000 Fps with lead pellets / Up to 1200 fps with alloy pellets.
•Cal. .22/ 5.5mm: Up to 850 Fps with lead pellets/ Up to 1000 Fps with alloy pellets.
•Military grade reinforced polymer stock.
•Textured buttstock for better grip
•Picatinny rails for scope mount – high mount recommended.
•Picatinny rails on sides for additional accessories such as flashlight, laser and bipod.
•Open sights. Rear sight adjustable.
•Includes water resistant case for tools, pellets, and survival kit. (Tools not included)
•Bonus: Includes muzzle break- and breech protection cover.
•Color: Full Black / Coyote Tan •Overall length: 42.7 inches/ 106cm•Weight: 7.5Lbs/ 3.4kg
•Optional knife and bayonet attachment
•Serial number will tell power level, caliber, color, and configuration.
•Patent pendingBlack Bunker is committed to providing superior tactical survival gear for vigilant citizens in both urban and wilderness environments.


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