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Dogbox Beacon XL 1000 Lumen Torch and Powerbank


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The Beacon 2 GO is a revolutionary design that combines both form and function. The incredibly bright LED, using a deep reflective cone casts 1000 Lumen of bright white light up to 260 metres making it ideal for campers to farmers, fishers to hunters and everything in between. Its sleek design was made with the user at its core. The head of the torch has a scalloped bezel allowing it to be placed on an uneven surface without it rolling. The sleek and durable aluminium outer case gives it strength and at 25mm in diameter allows it to be used in firearm scope mounts. The whole unit is rated IP6 making it waterproof to rain with each ingress point sealed through double O-rings.

The Beacon 2 Go comes with 2 x 2600mAh ‘18650’ Li-ion batteries included that can be charged using the Fast Charge ‘Type C’ Mini USB port with the included cord. A USB ‘out’ port allows the energy it to be used as a powerbank for all 5V devices. Both ports are concealed underneath a threaded collar at the base of the bezel. The power button illuminates in red or green to indicate the batteries level during a 4hr full charge. When depressed three modes are cycled through with the power level, lumens, throw and runtime being 100% 1000L 260m 2h / 50% 500L 4h / 30% 180L 5.5h respectively. The Beacon 2 Go comes with 1 Press Easy Off mode, where if the torch is left in any mode for longer than 5 seconds it turns it off, rather than cycle through all modes. The Beacon 2 GO combines outstanding specs with maximum flexibility for a better experience, on the go!

15 Watt CLED P50
Distance: 260m
Lumens: 1000/500/180
Run time: 2/4/5.5 hours
Power Source: 2 x 2600 mAh Lithium Ion
USB Out Powerbank
IP6 Rating
Includes USB/MIcro USB Type C Cable

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