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GPS Executive Backpack w/Cradle


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The backpack design allows for hands free transportation to and from the range. The removable foam cradle is designed to fully protect and hold 5 handguns. Removable Visual I.D. System patches allow the shooter to I.D. the pocket and store shooting items where they can be easily located in a more desirable location. Patches can also be removed for travel. Twin side pockets for storing extra pistol magazines. Padded pocket to store and protect a laptop when traveling. Additional pockets for extra ammo, tools, and ammo dump cups.

Protective Handgun Storage

Removable Handgun Storage Cradle will hold 5 Medium frame handguns. This foam cradle is custom cut with a CNC machine and handguns can be secured with a retention strap.

Specialized Pockets

Fine shooting glasses and custom molded ear pieces are protected in specially identified velour lined pockets.

Magazine Storage

Ample room to store handgun magazines in the large side pockets of the backpack.

Removeable Icon Patch

The Executive Backpack features 16 Removable Visual I.D. System patches. This allows the shooter to customize where they want to store the items. Icon patches can be placed anywhere that is more convenient and helps to organize, store, and protect shooting accessories.



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