Merlin – 3 Lens Kit

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The Merlin’s frame is extra light weight at less than 1 oz. and completely disappears with all day wear in the fi eld, or on the shooting ground, causing no bridge pain. It features a large lens designed to ride higher on the face with no visual interruption in the sight picture. The lenses are easily interchangeable, and with patented lens anchor technology no tools are required. A bolt is threaded into the lens and hooks onto two places on the frame.

Nose Piece
Ships with the Crystal Saddle

Limited stock as runout, 25,50,75 lens config

Frame will take Sebring lenses for later update if you wish

Merlin Description

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3 Lens Kit — Kit comes with 1 frame and 3 shields. Lenses are interchangeable using the Pilla Lens
Anchor system.

25% SB LTM – A full sun lens that is a very balanced and easily worn all day long for shooting clays or live birds in the field.

50% SR LTM – A perfect lens for overcast conditions. This lens is formulated to enhance higher
wavelengths of the visual spectrum to brighten the site picture in flatter lighting conditions.

75% SO LTM – Low light lens. This technology concentrates on introducing increased contrast and
brightens the site picture while elevating orange when shooting in extremely flat or dark lighting conditions.