Nosler AccuBond – 26 Cal


6.5mm calibre, (.264″), Spitzer, 140 grain, 9.0 grams

Through an exclusive bonding process that eliminates voids in the bullet core, AccuBond® couples Nosler’s proven copper-alloy jacket with its special lead-alloy core. The result is a bullet that flies true, penetrates deep and retains its weight, without causing extensive barrel fouling. The unique white polymer tip resists deforming and initiates expansion on impact. Nosler’s Solid Base® at the rear of the bullet acts as a platform for large diameter mushrooms.


Unique White Polymer Tip
Assures accuracy, smooth chambering and eliminates tip damage during recoil.

Tapered Gilding Metal Jacket
Lethal penetration and uniform expansion with maximum weight-retention and minimal barrel fouling.

Proprietary Bonding Process
Eliminates all possibility of component separation.

Boat Tail
Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for long-range performance and for easier loading.


  • High Ballistic Coefficient
  • Devastating Terminal Performance
  • Deep Penetration

This product is available on backorder. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery of this item

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