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Quinetics Kinetic Bullet Puller


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A quick rap extracts the bullet from the casing with no damage to components. 

The patented "New Twist" Chuck Assembly evenly grips and holds the case; bullet and powder are caught, so there's no waste. 

For all popular rifle and pistol, rim, or rimless centre fire cartridges.  




NOT FOR USE with rim fire cartridges, black powder cartridges, explosive projectile ammo or ammunition with high primers. 


The patented Ultimate Kinetic Bullet Puller will accommodate .22 Hornet through .45-70 and .50 Action Express. 

Will not accommodate WSM cartridges.


 Easy to Use
 Built with Safety in Mind
 A Great Investment for Your Hobby
 Made by Lifetime Members of the NRA
 Built for People Who Use Guns Frequently
 Comes with Complete Instructions


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