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Remington Subsonic 9mm


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Remington Subsonic is the result of a collaboration between AAC and Remington to deliver quiet ammunition designed to maximise the effectiveness of a silencer.

This ammunition caters to the silencer user or anyone just wanting a dependable and consistent subsonic load that does not produce supersonic cracks.

•All offerings are specifically designed for optimal performance when paired with a silencer
•Competitively priced below the leading competition
•FNEB & OFTB bullets to eliminate exposed lead on the heel to eliminate leading in silencer ports
•Tight velocity control to eliminate supersonic cracks

Cartridge: 9mm Luger
B.C.: .182
Weight/Type: 147gr Flat Nosed Enclosed Base
Twist Rate: Standard
Velocity: 945 FPS
Box QTY: 50

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