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Verney Carron Impact LA Pump 308


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New Verney Carron Impact LA Synthetic pump action 308.

This Linear Front reloading rifle allows you to chain up to 6 shots with a remarkable rate, while easily keeping your sights between each shot. 

The opening and the reloading are done thanks to the element of maneuver which slides back and forth on the wooden front. 

This allows ultra-fast reloading after the shot is fired without the hand holding the stock moving, the trigger finger being ready for the next shot. 

  • TOTAL LENGTH:  110 cm “Battue” / 102 cm “Tracker” / 115 cm “Affut”
  • WEIGHT: 3.150 kg
  • CANON:  High precision rifled 55 cm “Battue” / 47 cm “Tracker” / 60 cm “Affut” 
  • LOCKING: 6 studs directly in the barrel
  • STOCK: synthetic
  • FRONT: fixed synthetic with maneuvering element
  • CYLINDER BOX: in Ergal
  • EJECTION: 2 piston ejector
  • SIGHTS: beat band with adjustable board, adjustable fiber optic front sight
  • MAGAZINE: removable metal magazine for 3 or 5 cartridges (except 9.3×62 3-shot magazine only)
  • OPTICS: tapped holes on receiver with steel insert

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Weight 4 kg


Verney Carron


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