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Verney Carron Speedline 308 Win


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New Verney Carron Speedline Classique lever release rifle chambered in 308 Win

With patented “stop&go” system allows unparalleled shooting speed on a manual repeating rifle, by blocking the breech at the rear after automatic ejection of the fired ammunition. 

Reloading is ensured by light pressure on the lever and 45% less recoil with Fulgar brake fitted.

 Supplied with 2 x adjustable combes and putt plates. (0 to 6mm and 20 to 26 mm), allow optimal aiming with or without optics. 

The butt plates (15 mm and 25 mm) allowing to adjust the length while perfectly absorbing the recoil.

High precision barrel, rifled and fluted, 55 cm (excluding muzzle brake), removable metal box magazine, and adjustable front and rear sights


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Weight 4 kg


Verney Carron


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