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Waxed Fiber Cushion Wad 12ga (500/bag)


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1/2″ Waxed Fibre Cushion Wad 12Ga  (500/bag)

This is the waxed version of our fibre filler wads, which are extremely light and flexible. They are used as a cushion and a filler because they have the ability to compress a during crimping and during firing. Fibre wads can be easily split with a fingernail for custom load adjustments.

The waxing process produces a cleaner, relatively dust-free wad with better gas sealing characteristics. This version is available in 12Ga only.

Our Fibre Cushion wads work well in shot shell and muzzleloading applications. They are also the wad of choice for brass shotgun hulls (.500″ thick)

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