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Winchester Varmint HV 22WMR 30gr V-Max


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Varmint HV is the rimfire load designed for both varmints and small game hunting.

Combining high velocity with precision accuracy, this load provides the lethal performance needed for long-range situations.


  • Clean Burning Powder
    Assures consistent chamber pressure and delivers a blistering 2550 fps velocity
  • Non-Corrosive Priming
    Consistent, sure-fire ignition
  • Polymer Tip V-Max Bullet
    Flat shooting, high accuracy, explosive expansion


Calibre 22WMR
Muzzle Velocity 2250fps
Weight 30gr
Bullet Type VMax
Rounds Per Box 50
Rounds Per Case 1000
At Distance 100yds
Velocity 1490fps


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