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Looking for a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a Queensland Permit To Acquire? Stay tuned, I am going to walk you through it step by step (with pictures). 

1. Visit Queensland Weapons Licensing Website

qld weapons licensing application
qld weapons personal or business application

2. Enter Requested Identity Details

completing a qld permit to acquire application

Make sure to fill in everything and answer everything with a red asterisk.

If you haven’t received your licence card yet, but have applied for your licence, you can use the Case Reference Number option instead of licence number. 

3. Enter Disposer Details

The Disposer in almost all instances will be the Dealer. Even if you currently own the rifle and you are selling it to your mate. 

We see so many botched PTA’s that can not be actioned because people over complicate things. 

Fill in the disposer details as shown below, bring the permit, the seller and the gun and we will broker into your name. 

Bring in a botched PTA and we won’t be able to help and it will likely require you to fill in another Permit To Acquire and pay the prescribed fee once more.

completing a qld permit to acquire application ii

4. Enter Weapon To Be Acquired Details

queensland permit to acquire application iii

The key here to NOT provide TOO MUCH information. 

By “too much” I literally mean, no more than the basics:

  • Category
  • Description
  • Action
  • Calibre

I’ve seen too many people fill in Permits To Acquire with an incorrect serial number which as you can imagine cause all number of untold dramas when people try to collect a weapon and the numbers do not match. 


screen shot 2020 05 12 at 7.57.19 am


This is the quickest easiest way to get your hands on a fresh Permit To Acquire so you can be out on the range in the fastest time possible.

Emailing the Permit to Dealer saves on average 7-10 days compared to having it mailed to your home address.

When a Permit arrives in-store, we will call or email you to notify you it is here and in most instances you can pick up your gun the very same day as we receive it.

queensland permit to acquire

Need help lodging a Permit to Acquire?

Contact the team at On Target Sporting Arms by calling 1300 SHOTGUN or Contact Us and we’ll help you through the process.

Matt Joseph

Staff Writer


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